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I like this type - ignore everything else on the pin. Nice serif, but still very professional and fun. Feels theater-y to me as well.

Zefani Stencil is a modern didone typeface with strong characters and bold lines, while it’s sister font Zefani Sans is a light san-serif with monoline strokes and three different weights.This is the Zefani family.

Hole and Corner Magazine, 2 Issue Two - Lissom + Muster  Worthwhile magazine, but not because of branding or fonts. Designsters are so boring.  #antidesign #magazines                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

logotype design Hole and Corner Magazine, 2 Issue Two - Lissom + Muster Worthwhile magazine…

Sans-serif logotype by Atipo for online fashion retailer Mi&Mall.

Logo and letterpress stationery by Atipo for Mi&Mall, an online retail destination and resource supporting small designer brands.

I get asked about the sans serif fonts I use so many times a day, if I were smart I would have A) written a post on it earlier or B) had a canned email prepped.  Since I obviously am not, I had nei...

Sweet Sans - a sans serif font that looks good in both small and tiny sizes, with multiple weights from slim to thick

Simple type, and only three colors yet still interesting to look at

The color palette is what makes these spreads inserting. Without the vibrant colors I wouldn't be attracted to this piece.