"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"-Rachel Zoe fashion quote individuality clothes sayings


There are scarier things than turning a year older! Yet another brilliant card from Spirit's humour range

Make up.

Even when you're pretty on the outside. no amount of makeup can cover up an ugly personality.

Ha, ha, ha!!

Welcome to CornWall - When it's hot, please dress for the body you have. Not the body you want. Thanks

Its not a colouring book,

To all the girls that wear a lot of make-up: Take it easy, it's called a FACE. Not a coloring book.

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Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with It! this goes for pregnancy as well! so be a fashionista mom to be and continue with your style!

Another church sign with a community service announcement.

Honk If You Love Jesus, Text and Drive If You Want to Meet Him

Funny Church Sign: "Honk if you Love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet Him.

No more prayers.

Christian Funny Pictures - A time to laugh: Whoever is praying for snow, please stop

in case of fire...

In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) fcseh In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :)

Right @missybertron

Silly signs and funny traffic signs: Left lane ends. Go ahead, pull your huge suv in at the last minute. Everybody is ok with it!

Wear it!

forget the rules if you like it you should wear it fashion quote, text, quotes to live by, fashion

10+ Obvious Signs Humanity Is Regressing

Sign on ski slope - good advice. Please remember this advice! Folks die every year from skiing at high speed and meeting up with a tree. High impact injuries and death occur.

Ironic but true

Irony is a part of life, sometimes a very unfortunate part of life. Other times, it’s just funny to laugh about. These are the most ironic things that have ever happened – and been posted online.