Wild Cats!

At the end of the day, I'm walking with a heart like a lion - Cara Amy
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a tiger drinking water with the caption even when i am relaxed, i'm aware of my enemy
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two white lions drinking water from a pond with their reflection in the water and another one looking on
The Top 75 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2012
Love is love. Lionesses drink together at the Motswari Private Game Reserve in South Africa. On the right is a rare white lion from the Xakubasa Pride. The photograph was taken by the park’s ranger Chad Cocking, who keeps an amazing blog that you can check out here >> http://motswariblog.blogspot.co.uk/
two lions walking down a dirt road next to a small kitten on the other side
Tiny Lion Cub
Mum, Dad....and the baby!
a lion standing in the grass next to some red flowers
The girl who keeps dreaming
a lion cub plays with its mother in the wild on a dirt road near rocks
You need a clean Mr
a small tiger cub laying on top of a log
Taylor Swift
Your little eyelids flutter...
two baby leopards cuddle together in the middle of a white bowl, one black and one light brown
Leopard + Panther = Cuteness!