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a poster with different types of children's names and numbers on it, including the words
SELF-ESTEEM: School Counseling Game & Lesson *50 Ways to Build Self-Esteem!
50 Ways to Help Kids Build Self-Esteem. Poster, fun school counseling lesson, and fortune teller activity. #ParentsKids&Parenst
an info sheet with instructions on how to get stuck in someone's life or work
From One Sided Sid to your Social Filter
One Sided Sid and Social Filter from the blog, lunchbuddiesplus
a poster with instructions on how to use the bol space invader for an interactive activity
Week in Review
positive behavior support visuals unexpected behavior - Google Search
an image of a poster with different things to see in the picture and how they are used
Busy Kids and Busy Therapists
Very neat idea for helping kids separate their anger from themselves. Make it a villain, name it, banish it! Would work great for some learners with Asperger's Syndrome that I've worked with.
an image of the character characters worksheet for children to learn how to use them
We Are Having a Blast Blasting Distractors!!
Managing distractions...a great visual here
an image of a poster with the words i am a flexible thinker
What was your Flexible Thinking moment today?
script Ticket to leave-What was your flexible thinking moment today?
the circle of control poster is shown with words and pictures on it, as well as an arrow
Early Elementary Counseling: What Are Things I Can Control & I Can't Control
Early Elementary Counseling Tool: What are Things I Can &
a computer screen with an image of a brain on it and the words, flexible thinking
Flexible Thinking Classroom Guidance Lesson for School Counseling
In this flexible thinking school counseling classroom guidance lesson, students practice their flexible thinking skills. Begin with a introductory flexible thinking story to introduce the concept of stiff thinking vs flexible thinking. Students participate in a small group flexible thinking challenge to practice seeing
a poster with instructions on how to expect behavior
First Coffee Then SLP
This handout can be used to supplement a social skills lesson introducing "expected" and "unexpected" behaviors, which is part of the…
a rock brain with text that reads social thinking lesson ideas for rock brain and an image of
Superflex® takes on Rock Brain© and the Team of Unthinkables© Book Review — Encourage Play
Social Thinking At Home: Unthinkables - Rock Brain — Encourage Play
a poster with the words whole body listening on it
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Don’t just tell students to be good listeners. Show them how too.