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Math Facts Baseball - Use this game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts!

Use for addition, subtraction -then discover how to set up for multiplication Math Facts Baseball - Practice addition and subtraction facts! There's a great statistics lesson in here too. This would really be a great project for any elementary grade.

What a cool art project!

cityscape - I love the black line drawing against the richly colored skies. * I think I would add colorful water below to balance it and show the "colorfulness" of nature contrasted by the black and white of the city.

Popsicle Stick Architecture

The popsicle stick creations of NDSU architecture students scrape the sky in the Museum atrium. On display April 7 -

cardboard robots

Robots from boxes--definitely!" Not sure who that is, but ROBOTS. OH MY GOODNESS. This would be perfect as a collaborative project with an English teacher, if kids were to read a sci-fi, futuristic book that had robots.

Runde's Room: Friday Art Feature - I Am ... what a beautiful way to integrate poetry and art

Friday Art Feature - I Am . Friday Art Feature - I Am . We had our first official art class of the year this week. I decided to start .

Not too long ago, third grade teacher Kyle Schwartz shared a classroom experience on Twitter. She had her students complete the sentence, “I wish my teacher knew…” Some of the res…

Lesson Plans 1 I Wish My Teacher Knew. classroom exercise that went viral, a guide for educators and the community on how to understand children better, build trust, and learn about the challenges the