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tumblr_m6bc7gNejg1rqq8qeo1_1280.jpg (666×1000)  It's the attention to the little details that can really make the difference between a good kit and a great kit. The fabric choice is perfect, and the rough edges and obvious stitching look great and make it look handmade. Which it probably is!  I love the nose ring! Masks can be doctored up in awesome ways that you might not want to do to your actual face!

Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Mecha Nomad Futuristic for cosplay ideas


apocalypse couture The Eighth Day. A collaborative exhibition by Colby Vincent Edwards, William Franevsky, and Jarrett Scherff

Wacken Openair with the other Wasteland Warriors was amazing.

Dimmu Borgir makes me think of Bowser

The Art Resource. Great SSS reference!

Nice lighting reference on the hands. Shows light shining through as well as shadow. - The Art Resource Hände zeichnen Hand-Positionen

Forme d’Expression.

missing-light: Forme D’Expression - A/W

Love a thin t! Even better that it's black and designed to look worn in

black t shirt

Exploring Zen-Chic: Men’s Top Knot


I kinda dig this "steampunk" leg holster thing :P I wonder if I could make something like this in faux leather. No idea what I would realistically use it for, however.

Visions of the Future: Backpack Detail.

all black murder squad