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a doll with pink hair and glasses next to other items including a toy heart shaped box
Gah! I wanted a poochie so bad when I was little. I'm still jealous of any girl that had one.
an advertisement for poochie from the early 20th century, featuring a girl with pink hair and sunglasses
an animal with the words i believe on it
I Believe
the rose - petal place book is shown in this green cover with pink flowers
One of my fav childhood books 80's
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How They Dress How They Girls Today Dressed Me I Had to Share Made Me Laugh 😂😂 So True | Girls Meme on ME.ME
there are many different types of gummy bears on the table with caption that says growing up you didn't survive in the summer heat without these
Growing Up You Didn't Survive. In The Summer Heat Without These
the chipmunk adventure movie poster for sale on ebayon's marketplace
The Chipmunk Adventure (1987) 11x17 Movie Poster -
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cartoon characters with caption saying who else misses when saturday mornings looked like this?
27 Archived Photos from a Strange, Distant Time Known as the 90s