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two pictures of an old man wearing a cowboy hat and holding a cell phone
Love & Respect Bandit .....RIP 🍻
a man standing next to two cars in front of a black background with the words unique cars written on it
Peter Brock remembered - 10 years on
Peter -Brock -with -VK-Commodore -logo
a man with glasses and a hat standing in front of some black tires smiling at the camera
Possum Bourne - drive it like you stole it 10 years today. Always remembered.
a painting of a blue motorcycle with numbers painted on it
a drawing of a man wearing a hat
Barry Crump
an advertisement for the nascar racing team
a man holding a helmet in his right hand while standing next to a black background
Peter Brock - racer
four men are running on the beach with an old time radio car in front of them
cncenginedynamics: “Burt Munro starting a run on the flats in the later version of his Indian - the 3 fin tail was added on in the latter version. ”
a man standing next to a motorcycle in the snow
Burt Munro
Burt Munro by ali.smith1, via Flickr World's Fastest Indian
a man sitting on the ground next to a blue and pink motorbike with an octopus painted on it
Britten - Backyard Visionary - Documentary - Silodrome
Britten Backyard Visionary The Documentary, if don't know who he is do some research and learn about this visionary...... reminds of Erik Buell
a man sitting on top of a blue and pink motorcycle in the middle of nowhere
Britten Motorcycle Archive
John Britten on the Britten V1000
a man sitting on top of a blue and pink motorcycle
Great Britten! A work by Billy Apple
John Britten, 1995. Photo: Kerry Walker
a person on a pink motorcycle doing a wheelie in front of a large crowd
Bruce Anstey wheeling with Britten classic TT
a man standing next to a pink and blue motorcycle
Guy Martin next to one of John Britten's bikes.