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My Dogs

The dogs I show here are many ... I have six who live here permanently. Many more are fostered, some find their forever home, some have ended up here as their forever home ... It does not matter as long as they are having a great life here as they have nothing more to worry about ...
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Chelsea - wonderful loyal girl - had her since she was 8 weeks old 10 years ago. She looks after me!


Minty Moo - loves swimming in the trough - 20% vision in one eye and 80% vision in the other

JB free in the paddock - has a great sense of humour

Chelsea my beautiful Springer who went to the Rainbow Bridge last month - the loyalist dog I have had the pleasure to live with - bless

This is Maddison (Maddy) ... she came into the Pound and was there for a long time as her owner was a homeless man - he eventually disappeared so I brought her home. Had her speyed (had 9 puppies inside her). The vet said that she has had many many litters. Anyway I fostered her until the right forever home was found. Always will be a special place for Maddy here if needed

Shayiska Chelzees a Cracker - Chelsea

Bull Mastiff,My Dogs

Leroy looking out the gate down the road - realises this is his home now ... if you look just below his ear you can see a line around his neck - that's where a chain was put tightly around his neck - it is slowly fading and he is only on a lead like the one he has on here when I take him for walkies ... loves his one on one walks - adores his pack walks when he runs free with the others but always comes back to check where I am ... very loyal