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Free printable transportation flash cards. Download them in PDF format at http://flashcardfox.com/download/transportation-flash-cards/

These cards can be used for a variety of activities - naming attributes, compare & contrast, or even articulation

Row, Row, Row Your Boat song sheet (SB10945) - SparkleBox

Row, Row, Row Your Boat song sheet - SparkleBox first verse-take a word out each time you sing


This is a pretty empty grade lesson that could be adapted for a sub lesson. Incorporate a book about hot air balloons - kids could write about where they'd like to go in the world. Include bird's eye view videos and an adventure themed book.

Art Projects for Kids: 1st grade

Spring Art Idea: How to Draw a Tulip-would be good for or grade. Could make a oil pastel/watercolor resist painting

Drawing a dinosaur takes center stage in this art lesson. Students sit up and listen as all are eager to learn how to draw their favorite subject. After the drawing, students use brightly colored tempera paints to complete their artwork. Art Lesson Set Up You won’t need any fancy supplies here, just some paper, oil …

As the subject for pop art grade three draw original then trace or photocopy additional 3

Weather-Themed Art Project: Watercolor Umbrellas

Plastiquem: PLOU I TOTS ANEM AMB PARAIGÜES. Crayon and watercolor umbrella drawings. Crayon resist with blue water correct over white crayon. Or cool colors over white crayon and make the umbrella warm colors only.