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Utilising the process of synchronicity can lead us to the right person, book, song, quote, or anything else that we need in that exact moment to lead us further on our journeys to spiritual fulfilment and holistic abundance. May this board help with that process of creating synchro-destiny for all who come across it if and when they need it.
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Words of wisdom from the great Ms. Angelou. Thanks to Anonymous ART of Revolution for the image.

I'm Marie. Just trying to figure out who I am and hoping to help others do the same. Traveling down the road less traveled and though it may be hard I know it will be worth it. If you ever want to talk I am a great listener, so drop me a line sometime,...

Too true ~ You know where you stand or clear the air and have faith in an honest opinion as every body has one , a range of views is normal to keep it real ~

I know what I should've done and that I didn't because I thought I would be coming on too strong and now that I look back I realize that, that those actions and words would've been what saved me from this heartache of you leaving me.

Yes, so want a little boy hope he's as confident as this youngster in faith - his heart strengthened making the world his oyster cause inside he's been fortified by the best his parents offered him! Love this, this is gladness knowing Allah...

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Duck dynasty (HMMMMM-now some people are sayin' this whole scene with Phil MAY be a scam,put on by A&E to boost ratings.....And these words here ARE very articulate....NOT THAT Phil is an idiot by any means,just sayin' this is what SOME one is sayin'.

Yes Lord and thank you Jesus!!! All this pain will not be for nothing. God has my true soul mate and true love of my life all picked out for me. I just needed to let go of what was never mine and what never intended to stay.