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an open book with pictures on it and the words lookbook above it in black
Lookbook 2013
print (book, magazine, newspaper) + typography + editorial + layout + design |
a magazine cover with the word magazine written on it
A Magazine Curated By
A Magazine cureted by Maison Martin Margiela
an open book with red and blue images on it's cover, which reads moving love
Colours & text wrap
an open book with pictures of food and drinks on it's pages, showing the inside page
Page not found | Page layout design, Magazine layout design, Editorial design magazine
an open book with a red cover and white pages on the inside, showing information about what is in it
Mighty Moo - Milkbar
Mighty Moo - Milkbar Book | Publication, Layout and Print Design
an image of two people with the words unconditionalal on it's cover
(pinterest: @summerwinter08)
an open book with black and white text on the front cover, which reads literature money power diversity ideas growth science
Table of Contents: Creative Examples — Smashing Magazine
an open book with numbers and colors on the pages that are numbered in red, green, blue, yellow
Designing the perfect table of contents: 50 examples to show you how
The Biolan uses color, big numbers, and lots of whitespace to create a great Table of Contents. Each chapter has a color it uses as a theme.
a man in a blue jacket and white pants is dancing on the street with other mannequins behind him
Marketing Internetowy
Concept Advertising Agency is a full-service advertising in the field of visual…