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Grandma, why did you leave me? I wasn't ready to lose my best friend. And I did. I don't understand why it happened to you because you were too special and the other night I almost couldn't enjoy myself because you weren't there to complete the picture


Every day I cry because I miss you. It doesn't get easier. I'm so sorry you suffered like you did. I hope you know I tried my best to take care of you. I'm sorry for the days I took for granted. I hope I can become the woman you would've been proud of...

Right now I smell like you! I miss you so much that I went to the mall and sprayed your cologne all over myself!! I really miss younow I miss you even more since your scent is all over me! Check out Dieting Digest by tammie on

Your Always With Me : We all have lost loved ones in our lives that meant so much to us and we wish they never left. I know that in our hearts their memories and love still nurtures our soul everyday. Anytime we need them, we can bring them back, using ou