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two vases filled with flowers and candles on a marble counter top next to each other
"Tick-Tock! Elevate Your Walls with These Instant Upgrades!"
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a person holding a bunch of flowers made out of string and paper with scissors in their hand
MinnieMadeNY - Etsy
three coffee mugs with snowflakes on them are sitting next to some envelopes
Mug Card | Darcy Miller Designs
an easy gift idea for the hostess
an open birthday box with cupcakes, candles and confetti in it
Birthday box
how to make a wine bottle origami vase with flowers in it and instructions on how to fold the paper
Üvegpalack díszcsomagolása
a basket, potted plant and greeting card sitting on the floor next to it
Gift ideas for her
a cup filled with personal care items sitting on top of a notebook
The Joyful Co.