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>In the way they moved together. As though like clockwork. Two cogs linked perfectly together, two figures on a music box, completely in sync. There was nothing that could come between their love, their happiness. They had been through tough times, fought their demons all alone & scared. They would still face many demons ahead, but now, they had each other. This dance wasn't just a dance, it was a stamp in a passport of a new journey. An exchanging of two maps, becoming one.

Actual Disney prince Sebastian Stan in Rikki and the Flash (I love this comment >>>

Sebastian Stan

redderz: “ My friend Natalie (aka Loki of Scotunheim) was at the London premiere of Cap 2 and as she won the cosplay contest she got to meet and greet the cast. Seb Stan loved her Loki, and he asked.

oh my gosh Sebastian you're too adorbs!! <3

"Okay okay, Cyn's turn! Bee put down her sandwich & rubbed her crummy hands on her jeans. She stood up & started the charade she had pulled from the hat. James knew almost immediately & gave Cyn an approving smile.

Poor grandma... so dark

Grumpy Cat on Grandma. Rest in Pieces. Those "like and share" things are so stupid anyway!