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The boy never cried again and he never forgot what he learned: that to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed - TMI

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Fiction IS always better than reality.<--Even if you're thrown with your characters into the Hunger Games or Tartarus.

Um can you say DIVERGENT

*cough cough* Percy Jackson *cough cough*<<< *cough* Divergent and Allegiant

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You can break my soul. Take my life away. Beat me. Hurt me. Kill me. But for the love of God, don't touch him.

Lol Percy Jackson fandom

When someone insults my fandoms. << if you insult my fandom, I HOPE you take it personally

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Favorite books - Hunger Games - Percy Jackson - The Mortal Instruments - Harry Potter - the Host - Divergent. Tris, it isn't that bad to be a shadowhunter and a wizard would be cool too.

Feyre by AilsaMiller

This pic reminds me of Holland Roden maybe they could get her for the film? Teen wolf is ending! Let's Make it happen people! Feyre by AilsaMiller.