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LUKE IS JESUS<<<<<< i thought there was something special about luke :) Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings««« Ashton also looks like he's walking on water

This is so true. :'(

So true and sad v.v that makes me think so much i dont want to think. im gonna cry.and i know im gonna cry when or if i meet markiplier

My heart.

Explains how I and a billion other girls feel. And it hurts.exactly why I cry myself to sleep because I know I will never get to meet the best people in the world.

so true

Yep pretty much haha. If this ever happens, I will have a fangirl school with my daughter.<- I'll be that one person who will be BFF with her

Mrs. Hughes

Its been 5 years and i still remember the Jonas brothers last names but i guess thats a bit different. But with magcon.

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This is so me. Every time when my cousins come over they make me watch this. 🤢 when you say no to the show Dora be like help me go find my friend. Like no one wants to help you find your friend.