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children of the world printable matching game for kids to learn how to use them
Children of the World Printable Matching Game - From ABCs to ACTs
Exploring world cultures with your child allows them to build an appreciation for the world around them and the people in it. This printable Children of the World matching game is a great place to start!
the four parts of a culture worksheet for kids to learn how to use it
What is Culture? | Lesson Plan |
Help your students become global citizens with this lesson that teaches the about culture. Students will explore their culture and the cultures of their classmates in this engaging, hands-on activity.
a white board with writing on it that says, am i really done? before you say'n don't ask yourself
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
a great anchor chart to put right next to where your students turn in their work!
the classroom rules poster is displayed on an iphone
Classroom Rules (I survived Week 1!)
Lucky in Learning: Classroom Rules (I survived Week 1!)
a bulletin board that says we may all be different but in this class we swim together
my rainbow fish bulletin board for March (book month) (i put the kids names from my class in the bubbles) (mine)
there are several signs on the side of a refrigerator that say no talking and no speaking
How To Stop The Classroom Chatter
Here is a great visual to help students understand the expectations for voice volume.
a door decorated with the words be the reason someone smiles today
there are many colorful mason jars with pens and pencils in them on the table
Mason Jars Craft for School Supplies
School Supplies Mason Jars Craft - Teacher Appreciation, School Supplies Storage, Teacher Gifts, Classroom Decor
three pencils with writing on them sitting next to each other, one is pink and the other is yellow
Lucky dip. Good way to get students to talk without the same people talking again and again.