Nook hanging chair - for indoors or outdoors

The Nook is more than a unique hanging chair, it's a space in of itself, a place to escape to, reflect and relax. It references a lot of very New Zealand values such as a love of the outdoors and clean, modest lines.

"Hoopla" modern mailbox - lots of lovely vibrant colours!

"Hoopla" modern mailbox - lots of lovely vibrant colours!

Kiwifruit Wall Clock

Objectify Fruity Wall Clocks by ObjectifyHomeware on Etsy - StyleSays

Swirl pendant light shade

Items similar to Objectify Swirl Light Shade on Etsy

Modern stackable wine rack

The wine stack rack securely holds up to 6 wine bottles and can be used in a fridge or on a bench. Made from clear "Glass Edge" acrylic, it fits in with any colour scheme.

Cool blue retro wall clock

Because: Retro Clock design inspiration on Fab.

retro modern lamp

Lamp - Objectify Homeware - via Etsy

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