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how to use for small letters with pictures and text on it, including the letter s
The Science of Reading is like a recipe for success in literacy. And just like a recipe, it requires multiple ingredients to make it work. Phonics is an important ingredient, but it’s not the only one. We also need to make sure we are teaching our students comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing to help our students become proficient readers!
the graphic organizer for students to use on whiteboard is shown in black and white
Using Anchor Charts and Graphic Organizers on Your Whiteboard
I love to project graphic organizers onto my whiteboard to complete with students. Get these FREE graphic organizers for comprehension skills and strategies: Main Idea and Details, Making Inferences, Comparing and Contrasting and Sequencing. Print for students to use after reading or project onto your whiteboard. #tejedastots #graphicorganizers
Guided Reading Activities Level C |
Warm up your students' brains before diving into your guided reading book with these guided reading warm-up activities! Th skill cards and 1-page guided reading activities included are a quick review and practice of reading skills. Strategies and skills include blending cvc words, sight word fluency, dialogue, summarizing/retelling, many more! See everything included now and grab yours!
task cards for extra practice with the text, task cards for extra practice on it
How To Use the Phonological Awareness Bundle
Phonological awareness is a must for learning to read! Wondering how to include it in your reading groups? I’ve taken the guesswork out of planning phonological and phonemic awareness practice during guided reading or small reading groups, and have done the work for you!
a woman with her hands on her head and the text tips for keeping guided reading lessons short so you can see more groups
How to Keep your Guided Reading Lessons Short
Tips for managing your guided reading groups and making the most of your time. It can be hard to fit all of your guided reading lessons and see all of your students a few times over a week. Read these tips for maximizing your guided reading time in kindergarten and first grade. #tejedastots #guidedreading
what's the main idea? game in a yellow case with marker and pen
Tips for Teaching Main Idea and Details to Beginning Readers
Teaching Main Idea and Details
phonological awareness activities and games for early elementary students to practice phonological awareness
Phonological Awareness Activities and Games to Engage Your Students |
Increase student engagement with phonological awareness activities for elementary students. Easily incorporate these phonological awareness activities into your lessons. Ideas include phonological awareness rhyming activities, alliteration games, segmenting game ideas, and more. Read about these phonological awareness activities to use in your room today!
a woman writing on a white board with the words main idea and details below it
Tips for Teaching Main Idea and Details to Beginning Readers
Main Idea and Details can be a difficult concept for beginning readers. Read this blog post for tips and resources to help your students with this essential comprehension strategy! #tejedastots #mainideaanddetails
the rules and tricks for dividing syllables
Tricks for Teaching Syllable Types and Division | Tejeda's Tots Blog
Knowing how to identify and divide syllable types can help students decode multi-syllabic words! Read the six syllable types and tricks for syllable division and decoding. These phonics strategies will help your first graders when they encounter a big word.
a person is reading a bookmarks with an elephant on it
How to Teach Decoding Strategies to Beginning Readers
These reading strategy bookmarks make a great reference tool for kids to use while reading. When they get stuck on a word, they can refer to the bookmark to remind them of a strategy they can use. #tejedastots
a hand holding a popsicle with an image of dolphins on it and the words, tips
How to Teach Decoding Strategies to Beginning Readers
Teaching decoding strategies to beginning readers can be tricky. Read this blog post for tips on helping your kids become independent and flexible readers, using many different strategies when they get stuck on a word, such as Flippy Dolphin pictured. Act
a hand holding an open book with the title sylabe division with syllable sammy
Syllable Division Reading Strategy Activities: Syllable Sammy |
Karate-chop multisyllabic words to divide the syllables with the Syllable Sammy reading strategy! Students in 1st grade and 2nd grade will love chopping words into smaller parts with Syllable Sammy in these reading activities. Includes syllable division activities for VCCV words - see everything included now & grab yours today!
Sight Word Practice Pages | Fry Words 1-100 Practice Activities |
Make sight word practice fun with these no prep sight word activities and worksheets! It includes 100 Fry sight words and allows students to practice each word by tracing each word, rereading it to increase fluency skills, fine motor, visual supports, and more. See here how to use these hands-on sight word activities for preschool, kindergarten, and first graders today!
the guided reading activity is displayed on top of a table with other activities to help students learn
Guided Reading Warm-ups: An Organized Guided Reading Toolkit
Warming Up For Guided Reading