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a book with the title level aa - d guided reading warm ups on it and an image
Guided Reading Warm-Ups for Level AA-D | Printable & Digital |
These guided reading warm-ups are perfect to get your kindergarten and first grade students ready for reading. Review the skills and strategies they need before diving into a book with these engaging digital and printable guided reading warm ups. Easy to use & organized by level this is a MUST for guided reading activities! See everything included now and grab your today! #tejedastots #guidedreading
the goal tracker for students to practice their writing and spelling skills with text overlay
Goal-Trackers: A System for Helping Students Set Goals
Helping your students set their own goals can be a powerful tool in your primary classroom! This resource makes it easy for kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students to set goals and keep track of their progress. Goal-setting slips, goal-tracking boards in 6 themes, certificates, and teacher data sheets to record progress are all included. #tejedastots #studentgoalsetting
the main idea and details worksheet for students to use in their writing skills
Tips for Teaching Main Idea and Details to Beginning Readers Main Idea Activities |
Beginning readers sometimes have a hard time identifying the main idea from the topic and with identifying the details. Head to this blog for top teaching tips and some of my favorite activities to do when working on main idea and details with beginning readers in kindergarten and first grade.
an open book with some writing on it and the title 15 activities to increase flueny
15 Easy Activities to Increase Fluency
Fluency is reading at a just-right pace, with accuracy and expression. It can be hard to get kids to read fluently, especially in kindergarten and first grade. Read these 15 fluency activities to help your students read smooooothly! #teachingtips #fluencystrategies #tejedastots
sight word flunchy flashcards with the words on them in three different colors
Sight Words Practice Fluency Flash cards: Reading High-frequency FRY Words
Students practice these sight word fluency flashcards during centers and any free time. They each include a sight word story for the target word plus a review of previous words. The picture supports help kindergarten, first grade, and second grade student
the guided reading kit for kids with text overlay that reads warning up for guided reading
Guided Reading Warm-ups: An Organized Guided Reading Toolkit
This Guided Reading Toolkit for levels AA-D is the perfect resource to warm up for your small group lessons in kindergarten and first grade! It includes 1-page warm-ups, 250 task cards, and teacher tent cards to use before or during guided reading or strategy groups. It comes with covers, labels, and tabs to help you stay organized! #tejedastots #guidedreading
FREE Digital Phonics Hidden Pictures
These digital hidden pictures phonics lessons are sure to engage your kindergarten and first grade students! You can use these Google Slide files whole-group via video OR assign for independent work. You can even use them in your classroom once classes resume. Students find the hidden pictures that follow the phonics pattern, then write or type the words. Self-checking! Get the FREE CVC short a set here! #tejedastots #phonics
How to Teach Decoding Strategies to Beginning Readers in K-2 |
Sounding out and decoding words can be a struggle for beginning readers! Having different reading and decoding strategies are a great way to help students decode tricky words and become flexible readers. Head to this blog for teaching strategies and tips that you can use to help your early elementary students use decoding strategies when reading!
the sylabe sammy worksheet for children to learn how to read and understand
Syllable Division Reading Strategy Activities: Syllable Sammy |
Karate-chop multisyllabic words to divide the syllables with the Syllable Sammy reading strategy! Students in 1st grade and 2nd grade will love chopping words into smaller parts with Syllable Sammy in these reading activities. Includes syllable division activities for VCCV words - see everything included now & grab yours today!
phonics and flueny all in one decoddible lesson for kids
Small-group Reading Lesson Plans
Save time planning your small-group reading lessons with these phonics and fluency lessons. Each 2-page lesson incorporates phonics, decodable text, reading comprehension, fluency, and writing! Have your lesson plans ready to go for your kindergarten and first-grade students. Grab your set in my Tejeda's Tots shop now!
a poster with words and pictures on it that say, how to use them?
Step-by-Step Decoding: When Kids Get Stuck on a Word | Tejeda's Tots Blog
Decoding is hard and we all have kids who get stuck on words when they're reading! Check out this blog post with quick and effective tips on how to help students decode. You'll want to try these tips today! #teachingtips #decodingstrategies #tejedastots
what's the main idea? game in a yellow case with marker and pen
Tips for Teaching Main Idea and Details to Beginning Readers
Teaching Main Idea and Details