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Actual facts you say?

When I first glanced at this I was like "well, let's see what the stupid feminists have to say today" and then I read it and it was great.<<<you mean misandrists. "Lets see what the misandrists have to say"

autumn flannels #urbanoutfitters

Flannel shirts have been a classic ever since they started being popular among young adults in the grunge scene in the early men and women can wear them they are also all around comfortable and simple.

Bucket list: spend a night in a tree house yes please one day

Night in a tree house. is an awesome idea. the aroma of fresh leaves. the noise of insects . all these make me crave more and more to spend a night out in a tree house.

Gemini have the best minds of the Zodiac.

Boyfriend was born on June making him a Gemini-Cancer hybrid, and this is so true for him haha