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many candles are sitting in small bowls on a tray with leaves and other things around them
Velas de coco / clique no pin | Decoracion con velas, Hacer velas, Como hacer velas decorativas
some rocks with writing on them in a bowl
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Inspirational Stones
three women sitting on the ground in front of a house with flowers and blankets around them
Hens Party: Byron Bay Women’s Circle
an intricately designed piece of art made out of pine cones with flowers on them
Spiritual Gangster: "Exist in wonder and collaborate with the magic of the natural world" -Day Schildkret @morningaltars ...
a circular design made out of leaves on the ground in front of some tree trunks
Land Artist Arranges Stones and Leaves Into Mesmerizing Mandalas and Spirals
Workshopping centrepice at Premalaya Spirituality, Earth Altar, Emotional Body, The Loop, Online Course, The Earth, How To Use, Art Inspiration
Earth Altar
Workshopping centrepice at Premalaya
Smudge Sticks Diy, Herbal Witch, Sage Wands, Beginner Witch, Herbal Cleanse, Magia Das Ervas, Sage Smudge, Deco Nature, Witchy Crafts
ANYTHING & EVERYTHING Sage Smudge Stick Alternative Herbal Witch Gift Set/ Smoke Cleanser/ Herbal Cleansing Wand/ Beginner Witch Gift - Etsy
Natural mandala, ephemeral art Women’s Circle, Womans Circle, Womens Circles, Meditation Circle, Dance Meditation, Circle Of Women, Yoga Flowers
Spring themed Earth Altar
Earth Art 🌹 in the middle of a group of people positioned in a circle for sharing, ceremony, discussion, yoga, dance, meditation etc is a very powerful anchor point.