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Juan Gatti

Argentinian artist Juan Gatti began collaborating with film director Pedro Almodovar in which eventually inspired the "Ciencias Naturales" series.

Preserved spinal cord and nerve structures... I'm in love with the nervous system if it wasn't obvious.

Preserved spinal cord and nerve structures.U Got Some NERVE

Wear and tear on a body throughout a lifetime affects the skeleton. Arthritis of the spine and joints can reflect increasing age. Scientists also recognize many other clues to aging, such as the appearance of the rib ends and the cartilage that joins them to the sternum. In a young adult, the rib end walls are thick and smooth, with a scalloped or rounded edge. In an older adult, the walls are thin, with sharp edges, and the rim often has bony, irregular projections.

Skeletons are good age markers because teeth and bones mature at fairly predictable rates.

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Perhaps it's morbid to post spine art so soon after my SI fusion surgery. XD *The spine holds the root system of our bodies. Find more on the artist here.

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