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Day 22 - Justice. I think as long as I can remember I've had a strong sense that things should be fair but that they just aren't. Life isn't fair and some people get more than their fair share of inequality or suffering. I hope I will be remembered by how I treat others pick myself up again after a fall and my strength of character.


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Day 21 - Addict. Hello my name is Beth and I can always justify another roll of washi tape or one more pen. Total stationery addict! I have to avoid stores altogether...

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Yesterday I got an IT professional in to help backup my ancient dying old computer. I'd given up because it crashed so often but now it's sorted and he fixed font issues I'd had for YEARS! Sweet relief. My new motto is call in the professionals.

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I sent one of these special pins out earlier this week from @cityindustry and it filled me with nostalgia for writing secret messages and sending them flying.

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I'm still processing (good processing) ideas from @semipermanent last weekend. So glad I could squeeze in a few talks on the Saturday.

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I took myself out for a 'team' lunch today thank goodness I am a team of one because it got messy in the best kind of way.

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One of my favourite things about sending out orders is writing a note on this postcard. It reminds me why I started my business. 'You are a warrior in the service of joy' YES!

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After more than a month of having a sick toddler so having to do client work at nights I'm back sewing to restock my shop. Feels so good. This ones heading to New York to a special friend @jessika_harding

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Today was one if those new client new project lots of Pinterest kind of days. Thanks for my new notebook Portfolio Recruitment

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Today I should be posting my last 30 day challenge picture but I had to cut the challenge a bit short. The past 4 weeks I've been working fulltime starting a new project and juggling mum life. It's been an exciting new season and having more work than I can handle has been an exciting challenge to manage. I'm hoping to get into more of a regular routine soon and have more time for creative play. Until then I'm taking a moment from the hustle to enjoy a quick coffee while the babe visits…

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