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a quilted wall hanging on the side of a wall with trees and mountains in the background
Linda Kemshall: Quilts
a piece of art that is hanging on a wall
Multitasking with a vengeance
Decorating with quilts: This beautiful quilted panel of Laura (Kemshall's) is stitched to the box canvas. The stitching becomes an integral part of the design as well as being functional. Posted by Linda Kemshall
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on it's surface, including flowers
another inspiration for a quilt
a close up view of a blue flower
Botanical Textile Art – Corinne Young Textiles
Textile Art, Textile sculpture, stumpwork, Passion Flower, by Corinne Young
the fabric has been stitched together to make it look like they are made out of newspaper
Lisa M. Parrott - Mixed Media Fibre Art
an art work made out of paper and yarn
textile art
a cell phone with an image of holes in it
8 layers of maps + watercolor amazing
a patchwork quilt with dragonflies on it and a poem written in cursive writing
Vintage textile art dragonflies applique mixed media. Emily Henson www.facebook.com/bibliboo
an old piece of cloth with beads and threads on the bottom, sitting on a white surface
A Textile for Aldeburgh
A Textile for Aldeburgh by Su Harris (Living On The Edge blog) __ "A textile inspired by the light and textures found in Aldeburgh in Suffolk. A mix of hand and machine stitching."
a birthday card with an image of a colorful flower on it's front and the words happy birthday
Genus Imaginus - A Collection of Imaginary Flora by fibre artist Carolyn Flood. Posted by Georgette, Georgie grrl via Flickr
a red bike parked on the side of a brick road next to a stone bridge
Douce France...
Paris Red bicycle on the cobbled bank of the Seine, Paris, France #travel, #paris, #france
a close up of a bird made out of knits and flowers on a white cloth
D o k n o m m e a w - p l a y
D o k n o m m e a w - p l a y. Adorable!!!!!!