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Bernice Tidswell

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Bernice Tidswell
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Even when no one else understands my loss, you lived in my heart for many years, and the loss of you was crippling.  I will forever cradle you in my heart, even if you are just a memory of what should have been.

Thankful On sick days: I know this is true for parents who have had a miscarriage or lost a child. Saying a prayer for you and thinking of you too. National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness/Remembrance Day

Oh this is SO my husband and I hahahaha, he can't stand me in the winter at night :) but... he's so warm!

Me: Don't touch me your feet are cold! Him: But your so warm! Me: STOP put some socks on! Him: NO just let me warm them up!

Wine Cork Necklace Rack by WhatShipsAreBuiltFor on Etsy

Wine Cork Necklace Rack by WhatShipsAreBuiltFor - This would be fairly easy to make. And I have a good bit of wine corks - they even sell them at the craft store.