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'Bernie and Flora' by Annemie Berebrouckx | Published by Book Island - 'A gentle and colourful story that explores the nature of friendship and love with subtle touches of humour.'

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"The Big Question", by Leen Van Den Berg and Kaatje Vermeire - Elephant has a big question she can't stop thinking about. Fortunately, a meeting has been called where she can ask it to everybody.

'Azizi and the Little Blue Bird' by Laila Koubaa & Mattias De Leeuw | Published by Book Island - Azizi lives in a country governed by greedy rulers, who capture all blue birds and lock them up in a big cage in the courtyard of their palace. The people suffer and live in fear, until one day a little blue bird escapes from the cage. Together with Azizi it sets out on a long journey to free the people of their cruel and relentless rulers.

'Sir Mouse to the Rescue' by Dirk Nielandt & Marjolein Pottie | Published by Book Island - Join Mouse and Dragon as they rescue Prince, outwit Cat, have a fancy dress party and find out all about friendship, knighthood and the true meaning of happy every after. A book of bold adventures and funny tales for emerging readers, both boys and girls.

'The Lion and the Bird' by Marianne Dubuc | Published by Book Island - International bestseller about a lion in dungarees and a bird with a broken wing who form an unlikely friendship when they meet one Autumn day.

"The Rabbit and the Shadow", by Melanie Rutten - 'The story of a Rabbit who wants to grow up, an anxious Stag, a Soldier at war, a Cat who keeps having the same dream, a Book who wants to know everything, and a Shadow.'

'The Umbrella' by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert | Published by Book Island - It's a windy, autumn day when a little dog discovers a bright red umbrella in the garden. The umbrella, like a magic carpet, whirls him up into the air and sails him across the world, over continents and oceans, the tropics and polar regions ... A wonderful wordless picture book that tells a thousand stories.

'Follow the Firefly ● Run, Rabbit, Run' by Bernardo Carvalho | Published by Book Island - Have you ever seen a picture book with two titles and two covers, that can be read from back to front? Follow Firefly in his search for a flashing light and then turn back at the end of the book to find the second storyline about Rabbit’s escape. A clever and colourful picture book that is sure to be read countless times.

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