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an image of a blue ball in the sky with lines going through it and on to the ground
2 Hours of Celestial White Noise, Mission Uranus Rings - Real Space Sounds (so strange, so amazing!)
an image of the planets with text that reads, complete syphonies of the planets
Nasa Voyager Space Sounds by NASA
Nasa Voyager Space Sounds, NASA
an info sheet describing the effects of celestial music
Video: Sounds Of The Cosmos – The Music Of Planets And Stars | Spirit Science and Metaphysics
an image of a butterfly shaped object in the middle of space with stars around it
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Sound of deep space revealed for first time in stunning new recordings | Science & Tech | News | Daily Express
an image of the outer planets showing all its layers and features, including earth's core
NASA space sound recordings-Neptune
NASA space sound recordings-Neptune
an image of saturn taken from space
Jupiter Space Sounds
Jupiter Space Sounds
two blue and red objects are shown in the dark space, with one light shining on it
Uranus - Space sounds
Uranus - Space sounds
an image of the earth from space with text above it that reads, chorisus i
Awesome recording of space sounds exactly like a tropical rainforest
Recording of outer space sounds like a tropical rainforest
the earth is seen from space with the words song of earth above it
Song of Earth - Video: Sounds Of The Cosmos – The Music Of Planets And Stars By Steven Bancarz • March 9, 2014 Discovery, Science Did you know that planets and stars actually give off music?