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two glasses filled with cucumber, mint and limeade cocktails on a table
Hugo Spritz (Prosecco & St. Germain Spritz)
Hugo Spritz (Prosecco & St. Germain Spritz) - Emily Laurae
an image of aperoli spritz cocktails with orange juice and lemon
Classic Aperol Spritz
Classic Aperol Spritz Recipe - Cookie and Kate
an ad for aperol spirits with oranges and a bottle
Aperol Spritz - A Pretty & Refreshing Italian Cocktail
The Aperol Spritz is a gorgeous Italian cocktail. Light and sparkling, with a refreshing bitter twist, this classic recipe is easy to make with just 3 ingredients and an orange slice!
two glasses filled with white christmas mimosa and garnished with strawberries
White Cranberry Christmas Mimosa
two mugshots with the same person holding signs in front of them, and one man
Halloween: 'Murder at the Half Moon Club' 1920's speakeasy murder mystery dinner party
a close up of a dessert in a glass bowl on a wooden table with flowers
Mama's Thick and Tasty Eggnog Recipe - Paula Deen
sparkling apple cider sangria with pomegranate garnishes and apples in the background
30 Fall Drinks You Have to Try This Thanksgiving | Decor Dolphin
30 Fall Drinks You Have to Try This Thanksgiving | Decor Dolphin
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a wooden table
Orange and Cinnamon Kentucky Mule
A classic Moscow Mule with a bourbon whiskey twist, this Kentucky Mule cocktail is sweet and smooth! A porch sippin', backyard BBQ drink recipe everyone will love! #cocktailrecipes #bourbondrinks
mint mojito in glasses with lime slices and mint on the rim, ready to be served
How to make The BEST Mint Mojito! (5 Ingredients!) - Chef Savvy
Classic Mint Mojito: made with fresh squeezed limes, mint leaves and rum |
two glasses filled with white liquid and limes
Frozen Coconut Mojito Recipe -
Frozen Coconut Mojito Recipe