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an old school video game with different characters
Kelly Jepsen on Starting Small, Iterating Often, and Putting Yourself Out There
In this amazing episode, we talk about the process of starting small and iteratively growing your brand, using design principles to approach your brand, how putting yourself out there can pay off, and so much more! #twitchstreamer #graphicdesign #emotes
the icons are drawn in white on a black background
Give Me a Sign: Signage Designs from Around the World
the tiny package is designed to look like it has different types of clothing on it
Tiny Package Co.
Tiny Package Co. by Emily Gwynne, via Behance
a large set of icons with different colors and shapes on them, including the symbols for each
Free Download: Vector Ecology Icons | Webdesigner Depot
ecology-related icons
the icons are arranged on a pink background
RNS Pictográfica Cocina
RNS Pictográfica Cocina by Yorlmar Campos, via Behance #icon #picto #symbol