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the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
How to Upgrade Dated Honey Oak Cabinets
We needed to update the outdated kitchen in our cabin. These honey oak cabinets and gold hardware needed to go! We didn’t want to spend a lot to money or time (aka didn’t want to have to replace the cabinets, or remove and paint all of the doors), so we decided to stain them. This was such a cheap and quick way to update the kitchen without breaking the bank! What we used:Wood stain Steel wool Updated hardware Step 1: Remove hardware and “scuff” After taking off the horrible har…
an open closet with clothes hanging on hangers
Convert Bifold Doors to French Doors without Replacing Them
an open refrigerator with plastic containers and other items in the bottom left hand corner on top
DIY Storage Shelves
We have one storage closet in our house and we're determined to never get more stuff than what fits in that closet. But, we're only 1.5 years into living in our house and the closet is a disaster. Like can't walk in, things might fall on you when you open the door disaster.Sure, we went through our storage containers and got rid of some of the stuff we no longer needed, but the space still wasn't working. We decided it was time to tackle some DIY shelves to organize our walk-in storage…
a dining room table with four chairs around it
Refinished Table and Chairs
Craftaphile: Refinished Table and Chairs... because I have this and don't dig the color
a dining room table with four chairs around it
I couldn't find a table in the stores that I liked, so I refinished a table from Craigslist. I stripped the wood and refinished the top and painted the pedestal in black.
a wooden table with black chairs around it in a kitchen or dining room area that has white tile flooring
Refinishing a Kitchen Table, Part 2
Better Together: Refinishing a Kitchen Table, Part 2
a wooden table with chairs around it and a bowl of fruit sitting on top of the table
Refinishing The Dining Room Table
This blog tells you how to refinish a table that has seen better days. I need to try this.
two chandeliers with the words before and after painted on them
How to Spray Paint Light Fixtures
diy primitive country decor - Bing Images I have done this in my dinning room #primitive #decor #diy