Sir Edmund Hillary

Lies sure come easy to old Hillary: Years after alternative media pointed out the virtual impossibility, Sen. Hillary Clinton finally has admitted she was not named for the famous conqueror of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary.

Jean Batten, pioneering antipodean Aviator of the 1930s.

Jean Batten, New Zealand pilot established several individual flight distance records in the

Sir Peter Blake, for his dedication to his sport and to building morale, murdered while carrying out his work helping the environment. He leaves behind a great legacy.

Sir Peter Blake: Legendary New Zealand yachtsman and environmentalist

Ken & Ken!

I have always admired Jools and Lynda Topp .funny, talented musicians AND activists for many important causes

FOTC but of course

Flight of the Conchords 2009 Tour by FOTC Admin

Sir Apirana Ngata - Māori Politician & Lawyer

Apirana Ngata E tipu e rea, mo nga ra o te ao, Grow up O tender child in the days of your world, Ko to r.

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