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a table that has some type of text on it, and an image of the same thing
Building Sentences
Springston Te Reo : Building Sentences
the worksheet is shown for children to learn how to make their own art work
FREE Mihi/Pepeha template {1-cut-book}
FREE Mihi/Pepeha template {1-cut-book} ~Green Grubs Garden Club Blog~
a pink and white brochure with the words mihriu, in different languages
an image of different emoticions on a white background with words written in spanish
Kei te pehea koe?
Miss Dagg's Kahikatea Kids: Kei te pehea koe?
many different types of stickers with the words in different languages and phrases on them
maori design borders
Image result for maori design borders
a black and white drawing of a bird sitting on top of a piece of wood
simple maori designs tui - Google Search
four posters with different words and pictures of children in a box, including the names of each
Lyrics for the Māori version of the 'Hokey-Tokey' song!
A simple set of action cards to match the Māori version of "Hokey tokey!' You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, you ...
an english language worksheet with the words in different languages and numbers on it
Springston Te Reo
Springston Te Reo : Mihi for Kids
an image of the words in different languages on a poster with pictures of people and animals
Te reo Māori
an action card with pictures of people and words in different languages, including the word's
Action Cards in Te Reo Māori & English {FREEBIE!}
~FREE PRINTABLE~ Action Cards in Te Reo Māori & English {Green Grubs Garden Club Blog}
an origami dollhouse made out of wood and paper with instructions to make it
Whare 3d model
an image of children's cartoon faces with words in the middle and bottom corner
a poster with the words teo and tiang on it, along with an image of
26 colourful, bilingual (Māori and English) posters plus 6 Karakia and 8 Waiata to assist you in incorporating te reo and tikanga Māori into your classroom display and programme.