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the before and after pictures of an outdoor trash can
How to Make a DIY Rain Barrel from a Garbage Can – The Thrifty Couple
Today's featured DIY project is a great one because we are entering a lovely rainy season soon! Collecting rain water is a convenient, thrifty and green way to water your yard. But not only that, is is a cleaner, more natural way to care for your gardens, yard and landscape. There's an article...
a water tank sitting next to a potted plant
DIY Make your own rain barrel
a water tank sitting on the side of a building next to a bucket and hose
Using Grey Water to Sustain Your Landscape
Using Grey Water to Sustain Your Landscape - Having lived in California my whole life, I've learned the words "water conservation" and "drought" many times here…
how to grow food in a drop - down box with text overlay that reads, how to grow food in a drop - down box
Drought Resistant Crops & Water Wise Techniques for the Veggie Garden
How to grow food in a drought (water the roots, not the ground, provide shade, choose crops wisely, etc.).
two pictures one has a sink and the other is a dog bowl with water in it
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Put the drain water where you want it!! Removable Kitchen Sink, don't let the water go down the drain!