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a group of people sitting around a table
How To 2012
How To 2012 by bizweekdesign, via Flickr
a man walking down a red carpeted staircase with people standing on the steps behind him
Retícula de Columnas
an open book with yellow letters on the front and back pages, showing two people sitting at a table
Nem sempre o menos é mais.
I think using these kinds of simple and bold designs is a good idea too. Using a bold style can allow the . part of the theme stand out. It will be able to depict the author's purpose of making a statement when writing about the . part of the theme.
the front page of an article about social distancing, with two people standing in circles
Tom Jolly on Twitter
Tom Jolly on Twitter: "How design tells the story. Brilliant work by @standardregular for @nytimes.… "
the hands are holding open books in different positions
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