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I Just Pretend Nothing Happened

When you KNOW that your crush likes someone else and you're just like, "well. I won't be stupid enough to trust HIM again!

Or that my boyfriend was leaving me for my cousin...

When my friend told me she liked my crush, I stuck my head in my locker, pretending to be disgusted. I was just really disappointed.

Unique way to tell your crush you like them in French

Unique way to tell your crush you like them in French>>>my crush is in a french immersion program!

Today it was the other way around I guess because I wasn't here today cause I had a field trip bUT GET THIS okay so on A-days he sits with us because his gf sits with us but on b-day I don't have their lunch but him and his gf do but they don't sit together on b-day and today since I wasn't here apparently he went to our table asked my friend where I was which she said I had to go to a thing and he said oh ok sat there silently for a minute and then left even though the girl he "likes" was…

When he went to Florida I didn't go to the bus stop cause he wasn't there so I got a ride and was basically depressed for a week or two

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Him: who do you like? Me: no one. Him: OH, who do you like? Me: no one! Him: who do you like? Me: how many times are you going to ask that? Him: as many times as it takes for you to say my name.

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True for me. This guy in one of my classes likes me his friend told me and ever since then I liked him.I know he likes me and my friend told him that i like him. I cant wait to go to school to see him!