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a crab in a bowl with tomatoes and broccoli
Lemony Hummus Crab Dip - Fork and Beans
This 4 ingredient Lemony Hummus Crab Dip is bursting of tart flavor and topped with the cutest bell pepper crab. Perfect for a summer-themed party!
a pineapple cake with a face drawn on it's side and the caption instagram
cutest cake I have ever seen!!!!
two women holding plates with fake flowers and flamingos on them, both decorated in different colors
Pineapple or Flamingo, that's the question. How about both for your next kids birthday party? There can never be too much cake, right?…
a box filled with lots of colorful balls and a metal spoon in the bottom half
Coney Island Vintage Carnival Circus Birthday Party – love this so much! Game-themed food—too cute! -
Coney Island Vintage Carnival Circus Birthday Party love this so much! Game-themed foodtoo cute!
there are three small cakes with bears on them and some umbrellas above the cake
Recipes for happy occasions | Hungry Happenings
Fun summer treats - teddy grahams swimming in cereal treat pools.
a blue plate topped with cookies covered in frosting next to an umbrella and sand
10 Fun Pool Party Foods - A Little Craft In Your Day
Adorable frosted cupcakes are perfect for a beach day or summer birthday party! Made these for a backyard gathering and they were a big hit.
a pineapple cut in half and topped with fruit
Pineapple, Mango and Corn Salsa Recipe -
Pineapple, Mango, and Corn Salsa: Hannah's recipe for Hawaiian Luau (year 1, volume 4)
a table topped with bowls filled with different types of fruit
Beach Themed Party Ideas
Island Oasis (Fruit Platter)
many croissants with googly eyes on them are arranged in a plate
The best Polynesian luau party ideas!
Chicken salad sandwiches on crescents decorated to look like crabs. pool party snack ideas
there is a card that says grab a floatie in a bucket with jelly beans
Pool party ideas
Cupcake Cutiees: Beach Party - Pool Party Food Ideas- PARTY STORE by valarie
a plate filled with vegetables and carrots on top of a blue cloth covered table
an assortment of meats in a pan with green stuff around them on the table
Soft Serve Nuggets - Mechanically Separated Chicken Meat
Octopus dogs!
a wanted sign is shown in black and white, with the word wanted on it
Wanted Poster - Classroom Freebies
Party - Western theme - Wanted Poster
there is an advertisement for coconut water
Coconut Bowling Game for Kids
Add a fun twist to summer games with the kiddos -- go coconut bowling! A simple, fun outside game that'll have the kids giggling the whole time.
a bunch of balloons with green and white confetti on them
Tropical party balloons.
Festive party balloons with tropical a tropical theme. Get your guests in a tropical island vibe for your party. Available in many different designs. Please note: Due to high demand on certain products, shipping may take 2-4 weeks. Thank you for your patience.