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a black and white photo frame with hearts on it that says title made by fan collage for chickade crafts
Chickaniddy Layout Sketch for March
a scrapbook with buttons and pictures on it
Love begins at home - scrapbook layout - Scrapgoodies
a scrapbook page with an image of a baby in the center and flowers around it
So Sweet
a blue and white frame with flowers on it
swirlydoos Irresistible
an image of a flower with the word title above it in black and white on a gray background
April sketch
two hearts hanging from strings with the word title on them and three smaller hearts in the middle
Serendipity Sketch February 2015
a heart shaped photo frame with the words title
Sunday Sketch Challenge - Sketch #2
a heart shaped photo frame with flowers and butterflies around it that says forever on the side
a collage of paper hearts with a child's face in the center and words on it
Signature Style Week!
a scrapbook page with paper flowers and stars
Star Shaker Window Scrapbooking | Sizzix Blog
an artistic scrapbook page with the words sparkle on it and photos of two children
Sparkle *Shimmerz*
a bunch of tags that are on top of each other in different colors and shapes
a scrapbook page with the words love and two photos on it, surrounded by polka dots
a man in a hat is holding a fishing pole
Kit Club Love
a black and white drawing of three balloons in the air with stars above them, on top of a fence
We Match
two different pictures with hearts on them and the words,'love is in the air '
Mother's Day Week - A cute layout Sketch
Kids Scrapbook, Birthday Scrapbook, Baby Scrapbook Pages
a collage of photos with stars and circles in the middle, on top of a piece of paper
a scrapbook page with an image of a person and stars on the pages,
XO *Freckled Fawn*
a close up of a card with many different things on it, including pictures and hearts
two pictures with hearts and the word title
Serendipity Sketch February 2018
an artistic card with the word magic on it and a picture of a woman's face
Mixed Media Monday : Orange Gearle | Jessica | Anna
Photo Layouts, Memory Scrapbook
Enjoy Cherished Moments