Unusual Christmas Trees

unusual Christmas trees
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a christmas tree made out of small boxes
My friend Jenna's BLOCK tree made by her mother MANY years ago. What a treasure!
there is a christmas tree made out of books
fab christmas idea #23
a stack of books sitting on top of a table next to a star shaped object
The Nativity & A Stacked Bible Christmas Tree
a small wooden christmas tree with lights on it
Op deze manier kan iedereen een kerstboom maken van hout! | Decoratietakken
a christmas tree made out of driftwood and seashells is hanging on the wall
Wood wall Christmas tree driftwood modern coastal beach Xmas decor natural rustic ornament holiday recycled decoration green twine gift idea
two small trees with no leaves in a bag on the floor next to each other
Autunno tempo di rami secchi, li ricicliamo? Idee per decorazioni strepitose!
a tree with ornaments in it sitting next to some rocks and stones on the ground
35+ New Inspiration of Christmas Home Decor
a christmas tree in a room with lights on the branches and ornaments hanging from it
31 décorations de Noël à réaliser soi-même
a christmas tree with ornaments hanging from it's branches in front of a window
20 Alternative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas
a christmas tree made out of tin cans
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