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the back side of an acoustic guitar that is made out of wood and has wires attached to it
Bracing of a Taylor Guitar.... wish my luna was like this... The cable is not secured at all it just kinda flops around, messing me up when I plug in....
a drawing of a feather with swirls on it
Tattoo Pics
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a drawing of two feathers with intricate designs
20 Fern Tattoos
Maori Fern Tattoo
a wooden door with an intricate design on it's side and the bottom panel painted black
Wood Art
Koru Wall Art. The fern frond as it opens bringing new life and purity to the world is represented in Maori art as a koru. It also represents peace, tranquillity and spirituality along with a strong sense of re growth or new beginnings. The Koru is also often associated with nurturing so when interlocked with others is frequently used to represent the strength and purity of a loving relationship within a family.
an acoustic guitar is shown on a black background
Acoustic Guitars
Koa wood Taylor.. if I was like rich or something
a guitar made out of cardboard with labels on it
Bracing Question
Bracing Question - The Acoustic Guitar Forum
an acoustic guitar is shown on a white background
Taylor 114CE Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric
Taylor 114CE Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar I love this. She is SO classy.