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the guitar fretboard visualization chart with notes, notation and keyboard
Connection Between Guitar Fretboard And Piano Keyboard
an info sheet with the words essential theory and their corresponding names in red, white, and blue
“Major Scales in 3rds” in A.. what does in 3rds mean? I tried to google it but I still don’t understand what it means. I learned the exercise though but I would like to understand the terminology. Thanks!
the scales and chords chart is shown in red, green, blue, and yellow
Guitar reference poster - WIP by harrycantdraw on DeviantArt
the music theory sheet is shown in blue, orange and grey colors on a dark background
"Music Theory Cheat Sheet" Poster for Sale by pennyandhorse
the guitar theory chart is shown in black and orange
"Music Theory for Guitar Cheat Sheet" Poster for Sale by pennyandhorse