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Its not my story but damn

A Story to Scare My Son < aka. how to traumatize your child. Plot twist it actually happened and the killer grew attached to the kid and keeps warning him about internet safety.


Bronze eyes , bold brows , deep berry lips , glowing bronzed skin -I'd love this for pale skin and less black on the eyes- Kristina


Actually, there isn't such a thing like a "satanic cross". Satan wasn't crucified. The first one is the petrine cross, the other one is a symbol for sulfur


I always look at my friends and say I will marry rich and that's how they know I really need help with my math because they know I don't like to ask.// Gonna start doing that// I don't know what's better, the plot twist or the first comment.

How’s it going #humor #funnypictures #funny #lol #humor #funnytexts

… and trying to find common interests with other single people …