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Every. Time.

German Shepard refrigerator magnet 2 x 3 My dogs wait outside the door when I am in any room that they aren't. I love hearing them rest against the door waiting for me with little cries like I have been gone all day and it's been 5 mins.

20 Exquisite Birthday Party Ideas For Little Girls

Maybe use pink glitter for a girl baby shower! This is epic - and you only need to let them dry for about five minutes before they are ready to use DIY Glitter-Dipped Cups

I am a proud owner of a precious puggle :-) DOGS: Dog breeds -

I want the x-men and the pomsky and the labordoodle and the puggle. oh what the heck just give me the puppies!

Chryssy's Hostile Takeover by on @DeviantArt

I swear, this was actually what happened because there's not a snowball's chance in hell that Princess Celestial and Princess Luna could've been captured so easily as well as the main six.