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My own version of this!

My own version of this!

MARCIA TODD PHOTOGRAPHY: They call her Mighty Moe...

They call her Mighty Moe. or Moe. or Moe Moe at the gym, but to mostly everyone else, it& just Morgan. She wrapped up her seaso.


Go to a bunch of fun places in Lincoln this summer, take a picture in the same gymnastics pose in each location, but a collage together of all of the pictures at the end of the summer. that's quite the pose tho.


Gymnastics is an awesome sport! Its exciting to watch the brave gymnasts complete dangerous routines on floor, bars, beam and vault. I've been a gymnast for many years now. I love the sport's beauty, grace and fearlessness. Although the sport is.


This bunny is wearing sunglasses. This is amusing because bunnies normally don't wear sunglasses. Some of the darker species utilize reading glasses to read books like "Watership Down",