Bella Hu-Aylaeia

Bella Hu-Aylaeia

Bella Hu-Aylaeia
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Unique DIY String Light Poles with Concrete Base. These DIY string light poles are extra sturdy and they look unlike any string light poles we’ve seen, with tree trunks taking the place of wooden or metal poles in the concrete bases.

Bedroom observatorium with THE View. Lama Foundation, Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico, Photo: Plantfolk Apothecary

Atlantis End Table – Reloved. I would love to paint one similar to this! - Best Home Decoration Style Ideas - Best Home Decoration Ideas

Afternoon light streams into the enclosed porch on the northwest corner, lakeside; the old ropes and pulleys are used to raise the windows.

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Always open, always awesome. Clothing, accessories and apartment items for men and women.

Veranda chillatorium at the Linda Aldredge’s Treehouse near Woodstock, New York. Photo: Isabelle McAllister via Green Renaissance