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シン・はすみん@チェレ子とリューさんとか(@Rudiger_krb)さん | Twitterからの返信付きツイート

シン・はすみん@チェレ子とリューさんとか(@Rudiger_krb)さん | Twitterからの返信付きツイート

Veste élégent gothique aristocrate Tuxedo de bal ondu rouge violet

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat Irremovable Vest Ball Wavy Tuxedo Gothic Lolita - Shirt [Cosmates] This just looks like a really expensive Ciel cosplay to me.

Turning curtains into a steampunk skirt tutorial.  I have seen curtains like this that I would love to use for apparel....this is a wonderful tutorial

Turning curtains into a steampunk underskirt tutorial (bustle skirt over the back) Have you seen curtains like this that you would love to use for apparel.this is a wonderful tutorial

Cool Steampunk DIY Ideas - DIY Steampunk Goggles - Easy Home Decor, Costume Ideas, Jewelry, Crafts, Furniture and Steampunk Fashion Tutorials - Clothes, Accessories and Best Step by Step Tutorials - Creative DIY Projects for Adults, Teens and Tweens

This is my steampunk goggles tutorial I made for my steampunk Alice in Wonderland cosplay : learn how to do easy steampunk goggles Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

How to make a steampunk utility skirt

This gives me some awesome ideas for the steampunk invasion weekend at the MN ren fest next month! Perfect for SteamPunk Sialor Moon!