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Manuka honey reputation as a “healing” honey is timeless - providing great benefits to maintain good health and well-being. This board brings together bee-related supplements.
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Nelson bee pollen is collected by honey bees in the West Coast of New Zealand, then add their own enzymes and honey to form granules as a winter food store. Pollen has been used for thousands of years for a variety of health and energy related conditions. Scientific research indicates bee pollen may support the immune system, enhance resistance to allergies and provide an energy boost.

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Comvita Propolis PFL15 - Nature's Most Powerful Defence and Antioxidant.

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Royal Jelly is the highly nutritious food given to young growing bees and the beehive’s most important resident, the Queen Bee. Comvita® Royal Jelly brings balance and vitality to make the most of life. Take regularly to assist hormonal balance and support your body’s metabolism, maintain healthy skin and hair and support healthy cholesterol levels. It contains the naturally occurring substance 10H2DA (10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid).

Manuka honey is known for its healing property and distinct flavour,produced by bees in the remote part of NZ. Wholesome and pure, just as nature intended, and creamed to perfection. The product has been independently laboratory tested for the total peroxide activity found in Manuka honey.