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three plastic bottles sitting in the grass at night
I think I've found our evening activity for the wedding...
a toddler playing with some food in a muffin tin on the kitchen counter
101 Toddler Activities ~ Life Skills by a yearwithmomanddad: Some of the best ways to keep your young child busy is simply by having them do activities that teach them basic life skills. At this age, they will see it as a big game. So it’s fun for them, and they are learning! #Kids #Toddlers #Life_Skills #Play
a toddler sitting on the floor playing with some colorful items in front of him
Operation Keep Connor Busy
Operation Keep Connor Busy: toddler activities
two pictures of hands with colored powder on them and the words mousse de kool - aid
Soap Foam for Kids
Kool-aid FOAM! Gloriously scented, delightfully fluffy, and irresistibly squishy! Oh, and the best part is that you can most likely go into your kitchen and make this RIGHT NOW; it is so easy!
a young boy sitting at a wooden table playing with beads
i'm going to make it (after all)
100 Ways to entertain a toddler:
a person is pouring water into a blue plastic container with an orange and yellow balloon attached to it
33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier
Repurpose a large pump dispenser to fill water balloons.
a plastic bottle with an interesting design on the top and bottom is labeled diy pompon drop
Pom Pom Drop - Simple Fine Motor Activities for Infants
Pompom drop fine motor activity for infants & toddlers using a recycled bottle.
toddler activities playing in the sink Simple Tv, Toddler Life, Free Activities, Craft Activities For Kids, Business For Kids, Future Kids
75 TV Free Activities For Toddlers
toddler activities playing in the sink
Toddler Messy Play-Painting with Tea Bags Crafts, Preschool Art, Creative Activities
Exploring the Senses~Painting with Tea Bags
Toddler Messy Play-Painting with Tea Bags
a baby sitting in a highchair playing with some water and an empty bowl
Baby Sensory Play: Water - The Imagination Tree
Baby Sensory Play and other activities
a little boy that is sitting at a table
Crafts | Disney Family
Color in a Bag Looking for a mess-free way for preschoolers to play with paint color? This is the absolutely awesome squishy solution!
a toddler playing with a brush on the sidewalk
Simple Summer Water Play - The Activity Mom
Simple Water Play Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
a baby sitting on the floor with a toothbrush in her mouth
Babies Toddlers Twins: Toddler Activities
a child's hands in a blue tub filled with seashells
Beach Sensory Play and Small World
Shells and Water Toddler Play. This would keep children of all ages entertained for quite a while :)