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an art project made out of newspaper paper with flowers and leaves on it, sitting in front of a book page
Georgia O'Keeffe. pop art Poppies. preschool and Kinder.
step by step instructions to make paper flowers with yarn and poinsettia stems
Poppies to Remember
A lovely project to share and discuss with children on Veterans Day…
an art project with red poppies in the grass and black dots on green paper
Spot of Color
I am so impressed with this art teacher: 2nd Grade Poppies in Perspective
two red flowers with green stems and black centers on a gray background, painted in acrylic
Poppy Mixed Media
Would take a few days! But beautiful...could paint and get buddies to help cut and assemble
four paintings with poppies in them on a black surface, one is red and the other two are blue
Poppy Inchies (that artist woman)
I recently completed these Poppy inchies with a Grade 5/6 class in honour of Remembrance Day. The...
a painting of red poppies on a blue background with green stems in the foreground
'Poppies On Blue - 2 Of 3' Poster - Patty Baker |
If ever learn to paint, I'm going to paint poppies all day long.
four pictures of red flowers on black fabric
Quick post - Grade 5/6 poppies
ANZAC idea - Poppy collages for Remembrance Day (tissue paper, scrapbook paper, glitter glue) - I'd possibly do it on a blue background